Writer’s Block

This box, this blockThese four walls trapping my fingersAround this penThis paper, dull and blankThis space between ink and pageThis cage: my imaginationThis voice: a whisper, mumbling ideasThe knowledge behind barsThis prison I feel but cannot expressThis ache in need of reliefThis scream subdued by preoccupied handsThis stage of in-betweenThis no-man’s-land I’m inThis wish toContinue reading “Writer’s Block”

I’m Too Tired

I’m too tired to write a poem.My eyelids are sinkers fixed to a linetossed into a subconscious sea where I’ll hook the remnant of lastnight’s dream. I was in a maze with theship’s lull and everyone I’d ever loved wasn’t there. A Ferris wheel flung meoverboard into the bottomless deep ofwaking up to the smellContinue reading “I’m Too Tired”

There’s Always A But

There was a crack in the earth just thenwhen you opened your lipsto tell me the truth for once. You’ve been hiding behind someoneI recognize, but don’t recall meeting.A dusty cranium: cobwebs need sweeping. I decompress with ice clinking in a glassof wine on my knee,making kaleidoscope eyes at the ants crawling behind the greenery.SomethingContinue reading “There’s Always A But”

The Golden Hour

The day is on its back, but not quite asleep just yet.A silk net catches the last raysAs an eight-legged ick nears its winged prisonerAnd beaks above chatter their goodbyes for now.A crisp air hugs the horizon closerAs the sun’s hair falls gently goldenOn her rocky shoulders, preparing for hypnosis. A slither of moon escapesContinue reading “The Golden Hour”

If You’ve Got A Coin

If you’ve got a coin you might carelesslytoss it in the cup holder without a cupto give to a humble guy who washes your windscreenat the petrol station.Or you might slip it into the tight back pocketof a new pair of jeans to listen to it clink in rotationwhen you forget to take it outContinue reading “If You’ve Got A Coin”

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was A Jr. Copywriter

My skills are constantly evolving as I mature and progress in my career, but there are certain things I wish I knew back when I was a Jr. Copywriter. Here are five of them. 1. Being clever is not always cute Every writer gets that tingly feeling when they’ve coined a new metaphor or writtenContinue reading “5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was A Jr. Copywriter”