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A story is as good as a holiday for the mind

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  • Making Hate

    Making Hate

    Let me put on a show for you. Let me show you my soul so you can show me yours.Let me light your fire so you can burn your fingertips. “I don’t love you anymore,” she whispered as soon as she was sure he was sleeping, before turning her bedside lamp out and curling up nextContinue…

  • My Garden

    My Garden

    There are roosluise crawling out of the centres of my almost mature rosebuds. They scurry in and out as if taunting me in a triumphant dance. I haven’t yet had the courage to tell Adriaan there won’t be roses in the house this month. I’m going to have to cut all of them down toContinue…

  • Walking Home

    Walking Home

    Around me, there is only dark brown and green. I widen my eyes to find more light, but the stars are behind grey masses in the sky. There is only a familiar sound, telling me to follow it slowly. It crunches beneath my shoes. It crackles when I find larger leaves and my foot bucklesContinue…

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